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Women's Enterprise Initiative Loan Program

To help remove barriers facing women entrepreneurs, Western Economic Diversification Canada established the Women's Enterprise Initiative (WEI). This non-profit initiative has offices in each of the four western provinces and provides business information and services (including business loans), advisory services and training options aimed at women business owners.

To access the WEI Loan Program, you must be:

  • A legal entity 50% or more owned and controlled by a woman or women.
  • Operating or about to operate in one of the four western provinces.
  • Be able to submit a business plan that outlines a viable business (WEI will counsel you on how to develop a business plan).
  • Seeking financing up to a maximum of $150,000.
  • Seeking financing for start-up, expansion or the purchase of an existing business.

Staff at each of the WEI locations can also help you access traditional bank financing through the relationships WD and our WEI partners have established with several financial institutions. View the terms and conditions (Link 1) of the contribution agreement.

How can my company apply?

Each province has established its own lending criteria and loan program details. For more information, contact the WEI office in your province.

Women's Enterprise Initiative websites


What other services may I be eligible for through Western Economic Diversification Canada?

Small and medium-sized businesses in most rural and urban centres can easily access WD's and a range of other business services through WD's Business Service Network.

With over 100 points of service in urban and rural communities across the West, the Business Service Network is made up of several integrated organizations that provide entrepreneurs with what they need to establish a business or make it grow.

Our Western Canada business service network partners work in their local communities to ensure western Canadians have direct access to information and advice on a wide range of financing alternatives. They will help you determine your eligibility for those that best suit your needs. Services they offer range from marketing information and funding options, to counseling and support. For information on the services our network provides and the network member nearest you, visit WD's Business Service Network.