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The intake period for the Western Innovation Initiative is now closed.

How to Apply

The WINN Initiative will be delivered through a call for proposals process where applicants will have 30 days to submit their application. Saved applications that have not been submitted during an application period will not be accessible and cannot be submitted once the deadline has passed. 

Responses provided to the questions on your Application Form, as well as accompanying attachments, will form your business’ proposal for WINN funding. You should respond to these elements in a thorough, concise and clear manner, and ensure that all necessary attachments are included.

How WD Assesses Your Application

The WINN application process involves two stages of assessment.

Stage 1: Eligibility & Pre-Screening

Part one of the application will be used to assess eligibility based on the mandatory WINN criteria. Eligible applicants whose applications are supported by a current business plan, recent financial statements, and evidence of confirmation of other funding sources will be included in the competitive pre-screening process and will be evaluated against other proposals received during the intake period. The strongest proposals, based on assessment criteria, will be invited to complete part two of the WINN application form. Qualification for further assessment in stage two does not constitute an offer of funding.

For stage one, applicants must submit:

  • A completed WINN Initiative Application Form (Part One only);
  • Evidence of confirmation of all other funding sources;
  • Viable business plan (refer to the Applicant Guide for details);  and
  • Current financial statements.

In addition the following submission items are considered assets:

  • Independent market assessment; and
  • Evidence of market demand such as purchase orders, letters of intent, etc...

Stage 2: Detailed Assessment

Using Part Two of the application form, applicants advanced to Stage Two will be asked to submit additional project details focusing on the technology and IP strategy of the proposed project. This information will be required within a specified period of time.

The information provided in Part Two of the application form will be used in conjunction with the information already received in Part One to assess the full application and form the basis for funding decisions. As the assessment proceeds, WD may request additional information and supporting documentation from applicants, as well as establish deadlines for the provision of information. Verification of the information used to determine eligibility will also take place at this stage.

All applications will be evaluated on their ability to achieve WINN objectives and their relative strengths in the areas of market potential, management team, technology readiness, and financial capacity.

WINN Evaluators

National Research Council - Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP)

WD will engage the technical services of the National Research Council’s Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP) to conduct the technical assessment of proposals. IRAP will use its network of Industrial Technology Advisors for this purpose.

Ministerial Advisory Council

WD will establish a Ministerial Advisory Council comprised of experts in the field of technology commercialization, entrepreneurs, and others in related fields that will provide strategic advice on the suite of projects under consideration by the department. Members of this Council will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement and a conflict of interest agreement with WD.