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Western Innovation Initiative (WINN)

The intake period for the Western Innovation Initiative is now closed.

WINN is a $100 million five-year federal initiative that offers repayable contributions for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with operations in Western Canada, in order to help move their new and innovative technologies from the later stages of research and development to the marketplace.

The intent of WINN is to promote the development and diversification of the western Canadian economy by providing financial support to qualified SMEs to help them accelerate the commercialization of innovative products, processes and services in Western Canada, and by stimulating greater private sector investment in western Canadian commercialization activities.

By helping to seize opportunities for innovation, Western Economic Diversification Canada (WD) will support the creation of jobs and growth while ensuring that new opportunities for success are realized and new products, processes and services are brought from the test bench to the marketplace.

Attracting early-stage capital for technology commercialization has been identified as a key challenge for SMEs in Western Canada. WINN will address the pre-commercialization funding gaps inhibiting firms from bringing new knowledge-based products and services to market. Under WINN, eligible western Canadian SMEs can apply for funding to support a wide range of commercialization activities.

Information about the WINN process and eligibility for funding is available in the:

Note: The application guide and FAQs are subject to change with each intake period.

Objectives of WINN

  • Commercialize innovative, technology-based products, processes and services;
  • Stimulate greater private sector investments in commercialization activities;
  • Increase the number of jobs for highly qualified personnel (HQP) in Canada; and
  • Enable company growth

How it Works

Only the strongest applications demonstrating the highest merit and best fit with WINN objectives will receive funding.

Please see How to Apply for more information on the application process.


Please see our Frequently Asked Questions (Link 1) for more information, or contact one of our offices by email, telephone, fax, or mail.