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Western Innovation (WINN) Initiative

The Western Innovation (WINN) Initiative is a five-year federal initiative that offers repayable contributions for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with operations in Western Canada, in order to help move their new and innovative technologies from the later stages of research and development to the marketplace.

Western Innovation (WINN) Initiative

Applications are now being accepted until November 29, 2017.

Who can apply for WINN?

WINN is open to western Canadian SMEs with less than 500 employees, who have been in operation for at least one year.


Information Sessions

To help with the application process, WD will deliver WINN information sessions in cities across Western Canada. Each session will include a presentation on the WINN initiative, followed by a question and answer period.

Register for an information session.


How to apply

Resource Material   WINN Stage One   WINN Stage Two
Resource Material
  Stage One
  Stage Two


Before completing the application form, it is highly recommended that you read the:


Submit online:

If you are unable to submit your application using the online application tool, contact a Western Economic Diversification Canada Regional Office for help.

For Reference:
EOI Application Form



Successful applicants will receive an e-mail invitation to complete Part Two of the application.

You will have fifteen business days to complete Part Two of this application once you receive the invitation. A best practice would be to have all information needed to complete Stage 2 ready should you be invited.

For Reference:
Part Two - Application Form


Stage One applications must be submitted by November 29, 2017 at the following local times: Alberta (2:00 pm MDT) | British Columbia (1:00 pm PDT) | Saskatchewan (2:00 pm CST) | Manitoba (3:00 pm CDT)


What projects are funded through WINN?

Under WINN, SMEs can apply for funding to support commercialization projects that include a wide range of activities, such as:

  • Introduction of a new technology-based product, process or service to new or existing markets
  • Improvement of products, processes or services involving new technology
  • Technology development/acceleration
  • Product certifications, including Controlled Goods Registration
  • Pilot projects (first user) and technology demonstration projects
  • Validation of market potential and end-user acceptance
  • Support for marketing, productivity, and process or quality improvement directly related to the commercialization of new opportunities

For this latest round of WINN, applications must support one of these clusters:

  1. Clean Technology
  2. Clean Resources
  3. Digital Technology
  4. Advanced Manufacturing
  5. Value Added Agriculture
  6. Health/Bio Sciences

Why is WINN important?

Attracting early-stage capital for technology commercialization is a key challenge for SMEs in Western Canada. Under WINN, eligible western Canadian SMEs can apply for funding to support a wide range of commercialization activities.

WINN promotes the development and diversification of the western Canadian economy by providing financial support to qualified SMEs to help them accelerate the commercialization of innovative products, processes and services in Western Canada. It also stimulates greater private sector investment in western Canadian commercialization activities.

Through WINN, the Government of Canada is addressing a gap in private sector funding and a need to drive innovation, commercial success and economic growth in Western Canada.

WINN supports the federal government's Innovation and Skills Plan. This plan helps to make Canada a world-leading centre for innovation that creates well-paying jobs and grows the middle class.

Objectives of WINN

  • Commercialize innovative, technology-based products, processes and services;
  • Stimulate greater private sector investments in commercialization activities;
  • Increase the number of jobs for highly qualified personnel(HQP) in Canada; and
  • Enable company growth.


Contact us directly at one of our regional offices or by calling 1-888-338-WEST.