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Evaluation of Western Economic Diversification’s Trade and Investment Activities Management Response and Action Plan

Evaluation of Western Economic Diversification's Trade and Investment Activities Management Response and Action Plan - December 12, 2013
Recommendations Action Plan Responsibility Expected Completion Date
The department should develop a consistent approach and provide clarity on Trade and Investment project costs and activities in all regions.

The department will:

  1. Continue to engage new and existing clients and provide greater clarity on WD's approach to Trade and Investment through departmental tools, which outline the department’s approach, costs and activities for each of the department’s priority areas, including Trade and Investment.
  2. Continue to strengthen departmental coordination through executive, management, and officer-level forums to discuss Trade and Investment projects across all regions to ensure greater consistency in terms of the support provided to clients in this priority area.
ADMsPSD/All Regions April 2014
The department should work on increasing awareness of its Trade and Investment mandate through enhanced collaboration and coordination with federal, provincial, and industry stakeholders.

The department will:

  1. Enhance collaboration and coordination within our networks of federal, provincial and industry stakeholders, expand our outreach to new and existing clients, and seek opportunities to increase awareness of WD's mandate in Trade and Investment.
ADMsPSD/All Regions April 2014
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