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Calgary’s Nanalysis is successfully disrupting scientific measurement for chemists worldwide

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  • Region:  Alberta
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    Calgary-based innovation in the magnetic resonance (MR) spectrometer market is the most accurate, robust and environmentally-friendly analytical device on the market.

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    Bench-top magnetic resonance spectrometers

  • Category:  Advanced manufacturing, Digital technology
  • Story Date:  2021-06-02
Bench-top magnetic resonance spectrometer

Everything in our modern world is analyzed and measured. Traditionally, measuring some of the smallest molecules has required expensive, large and highly complex equipment – usually the size of car. This has limited accessibility in certain labs, locations and businesses.

Calgary-based Nanalysis has disrupted the magnetic resonance (MR) spectrometer market with its new benchtop device. This revolutionary technology comes in the size of a toaster. Chemists, engineers and students can now perform tests almost anywhere. This innovation has made spectroscopy more affordable, more accessible and more environmentally friendly.

Nanalysis’ technology can be found in laboratories across the globe. Pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson are using it. Government, security and defense and forensic labs are using it. And so are leading academic and research institutions.

The company has become a market leader to meet the growing global demand for compact MR technology.

Nanalysis is developing, manufacturing and marketing the next generation of MR benchtop spectrometers. This will give innovators across the globe the analytical tools they need to succeed. And Western Economic Diversification Canada (WD) is proud to support this project.

Calgary's Nanalysis is successfully disrupting scientific measurement for chemists worldwide (length: 2:18 minutes)

Transcript: Calgary's Nanalysis is successfully disrupting scientific measurement for chemists worldwide


(The video opens with a scientist looking at a computer circuit board under a microscope.)

(SEAN KRAKIWSKY, President and CEO of Nanalysis) Nanalysis is a magnetic resonance company in the test and measurement space.

(Camera transitions to a view of SEAN KRAKIWSKY in the Nanalysis facility, where he narrates the Nanalysis story.) So, everything you see in the modern world is tested and measured and that’s critical for innovation. It’s critical for quality and safety. And, it’s critical for economic efficiency.

(The camera pans scientists preparing a chemical compound in a glass tube and inserting it in a benchtop MR spectrometer. They calibrate the spectrometer for analysis via an on-device touchscreen.)

(SEAN KRAKIWSKY) Benchtop nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer is a device that can determine the types of molecules and the amounts of molecules in a substance of interest. Whether it’s cannabis, whether it’s a petrochemical, whether it’s a new drug being designed by a pharmaceutical company or foodstuffs such as olive oil and milk.

We are the first company in the world that has been able to take the most important analytical device for analysis of pharmaceuticals and we have been able to miniaturize it from a device the size of a car, down to something that is the size of a toaster. And in my opinion, that’s an incredible accomplishment by our scientists and engineers right here in Calgary.

(Video shows the spectrometer on a benchtop in the lab. An engineer is reviewing data on the screen of the device. Another engineer is using a scre river to assemble the device .)

(SEAN KRAKIWSKY) Our technology is used by the largest companies in the world, like Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson. It is used by academic institutions. Over 90% of our revenue is export, but we’re bringing hard currency from all over the world and we’re contributing to employment right here at home.

(Video shows the spectrometer being prepped for shipment in crates. The camera transitions back to the lab where scientists and engineers are programming development.)

(SEAN KRAKIWSKY) We’re very fortunate that we were able to get funding from Western Economic Diversification for things like capital expenditures.

(Video transitions to large-scale manufacturing equipment that produces components for the spectrometer, as well as circuit boards.)

(SEAN KRAKIWSKY) We have some very important machines that were purchased with partial support from Western Economic Diversification. Also, they’ve helped us with manufacturing and establishing intellectual property rights. And the fact that we were able to combine public capital from Western Economic Diversification with our private capital really helped us grow our business faster.

(Video transitions to two managers reviewing a recently manufactured part.)

(SEAN KRAKIWSKY) We are very happy with the impact that our products have had with customers around the world. You know, that’s part of our mandate – to contribute to the scientific community and help make the world a better place.

(Text on screen: WD committed a total of $3,260,000 in interest free, repayable funding to Nanalysis to develop and manufacture bench-top Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectrometers and related technologies.)

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