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Management Response and Action Plan

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December 2018

Recommendation Action Plan Responsibility Expected Completion Date
Recommendation 1: WD senior management should review defence procurement activities and determine the level of priority that WD will place on increasing the share of ITB obligations captured by western Canada and better leveraging those commitments to promote cluster growth and inclusiveness. Implementing a more proactive, strategic and consistent approach to leveraging the ITB Policy would likely require additional resources.

The WD-Executive Committee recognizes the importance of WD’s activities in support of the ITB policy, and agrees that it could merithigher priority, however, given resource constraints, it is not in a position to increase the level of resources allocated to the file at this time. WD’s primary focus must remain on sustaining growth of the western economy and improving the connection to global supply chains.

Further to this evaluation, WD will adjust its activities in support of the ITB policy to ensure the activities undertaken in relation to ITB have maximum effect.

PSD to lead discussion, determination to be made by ADMs and the DM. Within 1 year
Recommendation 2: The department should strengthen the governance system by clearly defining the relative roles and responsibilities of WD regional offices and Ottawa. WD will formalize internal structures relevant to ITB s, including the appropriate resourceallocation as well as various roles and responsibilities. WD will also review internal processes, including the appropriateness of formalized strategies for key procurement opportunities relevant to western Canada. The role of industry associations and provincial governments will also be taken into account. PSD to lead, in consultation with WD-regions Within 1 year
Recommendation 3: The department should strengthen delivery of ITB related activities by improving processes through actions such as:
  • Adopting communication, collaboration and work management software that would assist teams in organizing, tracking, and managing work associated with particular procurements.
  • Establishing a portal that would connect various stakeholders, facilitating communication and informing them about new opportunities, developments and events.
  • Developing shared support materials such as seminar and presentation materials and supplier development tools.
  • Providing training for staff new to the file.

WD will improve access to information and information sharing.

WD will also examine how GCPM can be leveraged to incorporate work related to ITB s with the goal of better integrating ITB related work with other program activity.

PSD to lead with support of WD-regions

Within 1 year

Within 2 years, given GCPM implementation timelines

Recommendation 4: In association with the other RDAs, the department should work with ISED to ensure access to the data needed to assess opportunities, develop strategies and track the results. The department should complement regional data obtained from ISED with other data through project reporting in departmental databases and a periodic online survey of regional representatives who have participated in various activities. WD will examine what additional data could be collected and shared, and engage with ISED where appropriate.

Each WD-region to conduct an assessment of what regional data is available and could be collected.

PSD to examine the regional assessments and lead the establishment of a process, if appropriate.

Within 1 year
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