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Tri-level pre-professional program TRI-P

Tri-Level Pre-Professional Program Students are key to building tomorrow’s public service. They offer an infusion of energy and new perspectives to the workplace. Students are up to date on the latest technologies and concepts in their field of study. They are eager to learn, they are naturally innovative and they want to make a positive impact on the organization. There is no doubt that students are a valuable talent pool that can help address future employment gaps. In exchange, students gain work experience and are able to explore their career interests in the public service.

In January 2017, Western Economic Diversification Canada (WD) championed a new student hiring initiative, the Tri-Level Pre-Professional Program (TRI-P) in partnership with the Government of Alberta and the City of Edmonton.

Through TRI-P, post-secondary students studying accounting and finance have an opportunity to experience all three orders of government through rotating placements; 4 months at the City of Edmonton, 4 months at the Government of Alberta and 4 months at WD. The students learn the ins and outs of public sector accounting and are able to establish professional networks that could otherwise take a number of years to develop. Now approaching its third year, the TRI-P, program has expanded to accept applications from numerous post-secondary institutions, with 6 students having participated to date.

WD’s current TRI-P, participant, Spencer Schell, a University of Alberta student from the Faculty of Business, applied to the program because “it provides a challenging student job opportunity with condensed learning, professional skill development and valuable work experience.” Spencer is not alone in his assessment of the program. The resoundingly positive feedback from students, managers and executives alike means that this ground-breaking pilot initiative could be expanded to other provinces in the future. WD is proud to be a part of an initiative that provides students a one-of-a-kind opportunity to experience all three orders of government, while increasing the potential for qualified students to choose the public service as a career path.

Tri-Level Pre-Professional Program

Tri-Level Pre-Professional Program

Through the TRI-P, post-secondary students have the opportunity to experience all three levels of government in three separate semesters. The following chart breaks down the path of three students and their different placements at different times.

TRI-P Breakdown
TRI-P, Breakdown
  Winter semester
Jan. - April 2019
Summer semester
May - Aug. 2019
Fall semester
Sept. - Dec. 2019
Student #1 Western Economic Diversification Canada City of Edmonton Government of Alberta
Student #2 Goverment of Alberta Western Economic Diversification Canada City of Edmonton
Student #3 City of Edmonton Government of Alberta Western Economic Diversification Canada
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