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Management Response and Action Plan

September 2017

Recommendations Action Plan Responsibility Expected Completion Date
Recommendation 1: The department should develop a system to track longer-term outcomes on projects after project completion. WD will examine the feasibility of this recommendation and determine whether there are business practices or adjustments to the contribution agreement that could be made to support/and or improve tracking of longer term outcomes. ADM PSD January 2018
Recommendation 2: The department should review its project intake process to improve upon its frequency and predictability, and its interaction with applicants during the project assessment stage. WD is in the process of examining its delivery methods to improve upon the frequency and predictability of its program availability, as well as improved engagement with clients. DG Ops Fall 2017
Recommendation 3: The department should carefully assess how it will provide meaningful feedback to unsuccessful applicants on their applications. WD has recognized the challenges regarding this issue and has adjusted its approach with each subsequent intake.WD will continue to review options for providing feedback to unsuccessful clients. DG Ops Fall 2017


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