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Evaluation of Business Productivity and Growth Management Response and Action Plan January 2016

Recommendations Action Plan Responsibility Expected Completion Date
The department should continue to identify and adopt best practices to enhance the ongoing relevance of the business productivity and growth programming.
  • WD’s adoption of six Project Charters increased programming in skills development and training which falls under the Business Productivity Sub-Program. Going forward, the department will review and update the Project Charters to reflect emerging priorities and other investment opportunities under the Business Productivity Sub-Program. WD will launch WDP Intake(s) that will invite applications for projects to address WD’s priorities including those relevant to the Business Productivity Sub-Program.
  • The department will identify emerging sectors in Western Canada and pursue “best practices” (e.g., encouraging adoption of advanced technologies; focusing on high growth industries; and promoting international trade) that would enhance relevance and increase Business Productivity programming impacts.
  • The department will continue to focus on programming in support of Trade and Investment and a skilled workforce to address labour shortages in identified sectors and targeted groups.
ADM PSD March 31, 2017
The department should improve how it measures and reports on longer term outcomes in order to enhance the business productivity and growth programming’s ability to tell its performance story.
  • The department will continue to explore and adopt measures to improve longer term reporting (e.g., minimizing the use of unique performance indicators; extending the end date of a project (beyond WD cash flow) to be able to report on indicators over a longer period; and undertaking a review of similar projects to provide an assessment of economic impacts and outcomes as opposed to short term results).
  • The department will explore ways to track performance indicators on an annual basis within WD’s project management system.
ADM PSD March 31, 2017
The department should review its business productivity and growth programming to improve flexibility and responsiveness.
  • The department will continue to implement service standards focused on timely decision-making and communication for new and existing programs.
  • Once decisions on future intake schedules for WDP are finalized, the department will ensure timely communications of schedules on its public website.
ADM PSD March 31, 2017


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