Text Description of Western Economic Diversification Canada's Strategic Planning Framework for 2013-2014

Highest level

The Government of Canada's Outcome Areas

Western Economic Diversification Canada (WD) contributes to a stronger Canada directly through the Government of Canada’s outcomes of Strong Economic Growth.

Second level of WD’s 2013–2014 Strategic Planning Framework

WD Mandate and WD Vision 

  1. WD’s mandate is to promote the development and diversification of the western Canadian economy, coordinate federal economic activities in the West and reflect western Canadian interests in national decision-making.
  2. WD’s vision is to be leaders in creating a more diversified western Canadian economy that has strong, competitive and innovative businesses and communities.

Third level of WD’s 2013–2014 Strategic Planning Framework

For 2013–2014, WD has identified five organizational priorities to support the achievement of its strategic outcome.  They are:

  1. Technology Commercialization
  2. Trade and Investment
  3. Business Productivity and Growth
  4. Advancing the Interests of Western Canada
  5. Managing for Excellence in a Changing Environment

Fourth level of WD’s 2013–2014 Strategic Planning Framework

These priorities listed above will be WD’s focus in 2013?2014 to achieve the strategic outcome of:  A growing and diversified western Canadian economy.

Fifth level of WD’s 2013–2014 Strategic Planning Framework

WD’s Four Programs contribute to the achievement of the department’s Strategic Outcome.  These programs are:

  1. Business Development and Innovation: Western Canadian SMEs are engaged in international business, are competitive and are innovative. 
  2. Community Economic Growth: Western Canadian communities have strong businesses, the capacity for socio-economic development, and the necessary public infrastructure to support economic growth.
  3. Policy, Advocacy and Coordination: Policies and Programs that strengthen the western Canadian economy.
  4. Internal Services: Effective and efficient support for the delivery of the organizational strategic outcome.
Final level of WD’s 2013–2014 Strategic Planning Framework

Our People: Making a difference