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Frequently-Asked Questions about the Disclosure of Grants and Contributions

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  1. What type of information is available in this report?

    The database contains a wide range of information on awards greater than $25,000 approved by Western Economic Diversification Canada (WD) since January 1, 2006 where the department has provided some portion of funding assistance.
  2. How often is this information updated.

    Beginning on May 31, 2006, and every three months thereafter, this website will be updated to include information on grants and contributions awarded in the previous fiscal year quarter.
  3. What are the programs and services that WD administers?

    WD takes a flexible and innovative approach by working with a wide network of partners to make strategic investments that promote economic development and diversification in the West. One of the ways WD delivers this mandate is through investments in a variety of community-based programs. More information can be found at: WD Programs and Services.

    WD also delivers national programs in the West including the Infrastructure Canada Program. Projects funded by the department under the Infrastructure Canada Program are not included in this report. Information on these projects is available on the Infrastructure Canada Program website at: www.infrastructure.gc.ca/

    Additional projects in British Columbia were funded under the Softwood Industry Community Economic Adjustment Initiative (SICEAI).
  4. What type of project information can I search on in my report?

    The following information elements are provided for each award :

    Recipient Name: the legal name of the applicant. For an incorporated applicant, this is the name that is legally registered with an official government registry office. For a non-incorporated applicant, this is the name under which the applicant conducts its legal business.

    Location: the geographic location of the applicant.

    Date (YYYY-MM-DD): date of client acceptance of Agreement or Contract.

    Value: - the total amount of funding approved by the Department for the project. It is important to note this amount represents the funding approved and not the amount disbursed. For example, funds for a project approved for funding may be disbursed over a number of years, or there could be project delays, or project costs could be lower than anticipated.

    Type:the type of funding approved. Here is a list of the various types of assistance:
    • Contribution – a payment to an organization for specific purposes and costs meeting certain eligibility requirements and the terms of a Contribution Agreement
    • Non-repayable Contribution - a contribution for which no repayment is required, as long as the terms of the Contribution Agreement are adhered to.
    • Conditionally Repayable Contribution - a contribution where the obligation to repay (partially or fully) is contingent upon the occurence of certain events or conditions as per the terms of the Contribution Agreement.
    • Repayable Contribution - funding that is fully repayable as per the terms of the Contribution Agreement, regardless of project outcomes. Generally, this funding is non-interest bearing and unsecured.
    Project Number: a reference number used by the department to identify projects

    Purpose: a brief description of the project.

    Comments: additional contextual information.
  5. Are there any restrictions or limitations regarding what information is being reported?

    As is the case regarding all Proactive Disclosure initiatives, the provisions of the Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act must be respected. Information that would normally be withheld under these Acts does not appear on this website.
  6. Can I save a Web page report as a spreadsheet?

    Yes, if you have access to spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel or Corel Quattro Pro.
    • Select and copy the contents of the entire table including the column headings.
    • Open your spreadsheet software and paste the table information into a blank spreadsheet.