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Evaluation of the Innovation Activity Management Response and Action Plan October 15, 2012

Recommendation Action Plan Responsibility Expected Completion Date
The department should review its program delivery processes to streamline programming administration and clarify departmental innovation priorities. The department will:

1. Complete and implement the online program application form for the Western Diversification Program, and other programs as applicable. Complete the automated Client Tracking and Early Assessment process to streamline the intake and initial assessment of project proposals. Complete the review of the departmental Service Standards and their management.
ADM Policy and Strategic Direction/ADM Saskatchewan Region April 2013
2. Complete the implementation of the Project Inventory Management System to ensure effective management of the development, recommendation and approval of projects consistent with the WD Investment Strategy and Priorities. ADM Saskatchewan Region
3. Revise the WD Program Alignment Architecture and Performance Measurement Framework to support the effective management of departmental programs ADM Policy and Strategic Direction
4. Review WD policy for funding advances within the context of the Policy on Transfer Payments and Risk-based approach to payments and claims monitoring. ADM Policy and Strategic Direction
5. Update WD's public Web site to improve its clarity. ADM Policy and Strategic Direction


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