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Audit of Information Management Technology Governance Management Response and Action Plan October 21, 2011

Recommendation Action Plan* Responsibility Expected Completion Date
A formal IMT planning process should be established that allows for integration with departmental planning. Furthermore, planning processes should engage all relevant stakeholders (including regional IMT contacts, senior departmental management, and the Planning and Reporting Committee), and should be periodically monitored by management. As per the IMT Plan 2011-2012, IMT will enhance its integrated planning progress by regular engagement with the departmental planning committee, and functional groups, taking a proactive approach to understand business needs and possible technology solutions.

IMT will continue IMT Strategy Update quarterly reporting to Executive Committee, as started with the 2011-2012 fiscal year.
Executive Director FCM
March 31, 2012
An IMT risk management framework should be developed that allows WD to identify strategic and operational risks related to IMT, develop mitigation strategies/controls for identified risks, and regularly report on the status of mitigation measures. Furthermore, IMT management should be formally engaged in the departmental planning process to help ensure that IMT risks are considered as part of departmental planning, and that the IMT Directorate is aware of risks at the departmental level that are relevant to IMT activities. IMT will increase its participation with the departmental risk community, and focus on developing risk management controls in alignment with the corporate risk profile and respective processes. Executive Director FCM
March 31, 2012
Formal performance measures should be established for all key IMT activities, including: operational service delivery, key IMT projects, and priorities identified within the IMT annual plan. IMT performance reporting processes should be established that define IMT performance reporting to IMT management and relevant committees at scheduled periodic intervals.

Both key performance indicators and the IMT Project Portfolio are monitored and status reported quarterly to Executive Committee.

Key Performance Indicators are included in the IMT Plan 2011-2012, along with the IMT Project Portfolio evaluation and reporting process.

These will be enhanced as the evaluation process matures.

Executive Director FCM January 31, 2012
Some level of justification of IMT project rankings should be provided to the Executive Committee to facilitate the effective oversight and approval of IMT resource allocation decisions. Future IMT portfolio reviews will be documented with official records of decisions, and incorporated into the recommendations to Executive. Executive Director FCM March 31, 2012
Projects costs that are used to perform cost-benefit analysis and produce IMT project rankings should consistently include all relevant costs, including: full time employee labour (at headquarters and regional locations), and post development maintenance costs.

Controls for cost/benefit analysis at the initiative business case level, and then actual project costing controls will be enhanced through the revision to the current IMT Project Management Framework.

Once controls approved by IMT Council, they will be applied to future business cases of major initiatives.

Executive Director FCM February 29,2012
A formal IMT project oversight framework should be established that helps ensure that adequate oversight is performed consistently for IMT projects. The framework should provide guidance on ongoing monitoring of the performance of IMT projects with regards to cost, quality and schedule and be supported by a documented change management process. Furthermore the framework should clarify the reporting requirements to each governance committee depending on the importance of a project (i.e. large, medium, low value/risk). With the recently adopted IMT Project Priority Setting Framework and current enhancements to the Project IMT Project Management framework, project controls will be formally defined in support of IMT project oversight for monitoring and reporting. Executive Director FCM July 31, 2012

On November 16, 2011 a new department, Shared Services Canada assumed responsibility for providing email, data centre and network services to federal organizations across the country, including WD. Several WD IMT employees, including the Director of IMT, were transferred to the new department changing the governance and operations of IMT at WD. With the transfer, the Executive Director Finance and Corporate Management will assume the role of Chief Information Officer. Actions required to respond to the audit recommendations will not be impacted as a result of the creation of shared services, they will simply impact fewer activities once the transition of email, data centre and network services is complete and no longer carried out by WD.

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