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Management Response and Action Plan (September 2011)

Audit of Monitoring and Payments Management Response and Action Plan September 6, 2011
Recommendation Action Plan Responsibility Expected Completion Date
The department should assess the automation of routine monitoring and payments processes where clear recipient and/or staff efficiencies can be gained. In March 2011, Executive Committee approved a business plan for enhancements and additions to the department’s project management system Gateway (PG).  The development of an automated claims package within PG is one of the five components within that plan to be completed within a 3 year period. ADM, Policy & Strategic Direction
Executive Director, Finance & Corporate Management
September 30, 2012
The department should consistently demonstrate that all aspects of special conditions have been fully met on a timely basis to effectively mitigate unique project risks associated with those special conditions. The Monitoring and Payments claims package includes a reminder to review special conditions and the Certificate of Compliance requires the recipient to sign off on compliance with the special conditions in their Agreement on every claim. The importance of clear documentation on project files for compliance with special conditions will be explicitly included in all future training. ADM, Policy & Strategic Direction October 31, 2011
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