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Name Title
Skelton, Carol Minister
Ambrose, Rona Minister
Ballingall, Jeff Special Assistant, Communications
Bayko, Lorraine Special Assistant/Secretary to the Minister
Boyes, Josh Policy Advisor, Prairies
Buccini, Antonio Special Assistant, Manitoba
Charette, Michel Special Assistant
Conroy, Meaghan Director, Parliamentary Affairs and Special Assistant
Ellis, Matt Senior Special Assistant - Policy
Fabry, Jean-Sébastien Policy Advisor
Frey, Keelan Intern
Gairdner, Stacey Chief of Staff
Gallagher, Kelly Director of Regional Affairs
Giebelhaus, Joel Senior Special Assistant - Policy
Gillen, Renée Press Secretary and Legislative Assistant
Goucher, Emily Director of Communications
Graham, Jeff Special Assistant, British Columbia
Hayes, Louise Acting Chief of Staff
Helliwell, David Senior Policy Advisor
Hurley, Daniel Senior Policy Advisor
Hutniak, Lisa Senior Special Assistant - Communications
Insley, Nicholas Manager of Stakeholder Relations, Press Secretary
Insley, Nicholas Press Secretary
Joaquin, Emelina Special Assistant, Communications
Koolsbergen, Nick Senior Special Assistant - Policy
Kosick, Jerra Chief of Staff
Kosick, Jerra Director of Communications
Leathley, Peter Special Assistant
MacArthur, Sara Special Assistant, Saskatchewan
MacKay, Todd Special Communications Assistant
Maier, Danielle Special Assistant to Ministers' Regional Office
Marr, Clifford Special Assistant
Mohlman, Sharlene Executive Assistant
Mullin, Alastair Chief of Staff
Owen, Stephen Minister
Pagtakhan, Rey Minister
Rempel, Michelle Minister of State
Ross, Darcy Policy Advisor
Seear, Paul Director of Policy
Séguin, Kim Scheduling Assistant
Starrett, Sheldon Intern
Staus, Connor Intern
Steinley, Warren Special Assistant - Caucus Liaison
Stieva, Madeline Executive Assistant
Suchet, Lloyd Special Assistant, Communications
van Vugt, Dustin Chief of Staff
Yelich, Lynne Minister of State
Zondag, Victor Policy Advisor