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Departmental Spending Trend

The figures presented in the chart below reflect the impact that sunset funding has had on the department's overall spending, representing approximately 14 percent and 13 percent in spending in 2013–14 and 2012–13. The majority of sunset funding is due to the cessation of the Community Infrastructure Improvement Fund (CIIF) initiative. Planned spending reduces in 2015–16 as a result of decreased program funding and stabilizes in 2016–17 onwards.

In addition, the figures presented in the chart below do not include funds spent through Other Government Department suspense accounts, on behalf of other departments. For example, in fiscal year 2014–15, WD expended approximately $25.6 million on behalf of Infrastructure Canada, under the Building Canada Fund and the Canada Strategic Infrastructure Fund.

Departmental Spending Trend Graph

Departmental Spending Trend Graph

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Expenditures by Vote

For information on WD's organizational voted and statutory expenditures, consult the Public Accounts of Canada 2015,[vi] which is available on the Public Works and Government Services Canada website.[vii]