Western Economic Diversification Canada
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Alignment of Spending with Whole-of-Government Framework


Alignment of 2014–15 Actual Spending with the Whole-of-Government Framework[v] (dollars)
Strategic Outcome Program Spending Area Government of Canada Outcome 2014-15
Actual Spending
1. A growing and diversified western Canadian economy 1.1 Business Development and Innovation Economic Affairs Strong economic growth 107,678,368
1.2 Community Economic Growth Economic Affairs Strong economic growth 31,958,193
1.3 Policy, Advocacy and Coordination Economic Affairs Strong economic growth  8,736,194


Total Spending by Spending Area (dollars)
Spending Area Total Planned Spending Total Actual Spending
Economic Affairs 145,771,819 148,372,755
Social Affairs 0 0
International Affairs 0 0
Government Affairs 0 0