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The West Means Business Infograph

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The West Means Business Infograph

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Infographic on 10 ways the West Means Business

Western Canada accounted for 35% of the jobs created in Canada in 2013. Canada accounted for 65% of jobs created in Canada in 2013.

In 2013, Western Canadian exports totaled $183.2 billion, and accounted for 39% of Canada’s total merchandise exports. 75% of main exports come from the United States of America and accounts for $136 billion; 8% of main exports come from China and accounts for $13.7 billion; and 4% of main exports come from Japan and accounts for $7.6 billion.

In 2013, real gross domestic product in Western Canada totaled $596.8 billion and accounted for 38% of the national total. Canada accounted for 62% of the national total of real gross domestic product.

In 2013, Western Canadian farms contributed $32.5 billion for the Canadian economy. $7.3 billion contributed to canola; $6.2 billion contributed to wheat; and $4.6 billion contributed to cattle.

Western Canada accounted for $17.8 billion or 41% of Canada’s total mineral production in 2013.

In 2013, Western Canada’s forestry industry accounted for 51% of total Canadian forestry exports, valued at $14.6 billion.

Western Canada, now home to nearly 11 million people, has grown by nearly 650,000 people since 2009. The top four fastest growing census metropolitan areas are in Western Canada. Saskatoon accounts for 14%; Regina accounts for 11.5%; Calgary accounts for 12: and Edmonton accounts for 11.9%.

Canada has the third-largest oil reserves in the world. 97% of these reserves are located in the oil sands that reside in Alberta and Saskatchewan. In 2013, 56% of Canada’s crude oil production was from the oil sands. In just over 30 years, Canadian crude oil production has increased by 1.9 million barrels/day due to the growth in supply from oil sands.

Western Canada accounts for 88% of primary energy production in Canada in 2012. The West accounts for 98% production of natural gas; 93% production for crude oil; 99% production of natural gas liquids; and 36% of Canada’s renewable energy.

In 2013, Western Canada accounted for approximately 48% of Canada’s total capital investments towards construction; machinery and equipment, due in large part to the mining, and oil and gas extraction sectors.