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Sub-program 1.2.4: Targeted Economic Initiatives

Sub-program Description

Targeted Economic Initiatives support economic activity in western Canadian communities on a temporary basis through targeted economic stimulus or adjustment. WD provides assistance through dedicated, temporary supplementary funding from the Government of Canada or through the department's own special allocations. Transfer payments in support of this sub-program are made through designated funding authorities and may be made under the authority of the Western Diversification Program as a temporary and targeted measure only.

Budgetary Financial Resources (dollars)
Planned Spending
Actual Spending
(actual minus planned)
232,186 194,060 (38,126)


Human Resources (FTEs)
(actual minus planned)
1 1 0

Note: In 2013-14, WD continued to monitor and follow-up on repayable contributions made under the Community Adjustment Fund.


Performance Results
Expected Results Performance Indicators Targets Actual Results
Businesses opportunities are created Number of businesses created, maintained or expanded Not Applicable
for 2013-14
Community opportunities are created Value of community-based projects, as well as leverage
Job opportunities are created Number of jobs created, maintained or expanded

Note: Given that these programs have ended, no results were anticipated in 2013-14.

Performance Analysis and Lessons Learned

Not applicable (see notes above).