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Departmental Spending Trend

WD's actual spending, including EAP, for 2013–14 was $188.3 million. Compared with actual spending of $183.7 million in 2012–13, this represents a net increase of 5.6 percent, or $4.6 million. Variances in actual spending profiles are due to a decrease of $2.9 million in operating expenditures and an increase of $7.5 million in G&C.  The net increase in G&C spending is explained in more detail as follows:

  • An increase of $6.9 million under the CIIF;
  • An increase of $2.0 million under the Rick Hansen Foundation in support of the research, programs and operations of the Rick Hansen Institute;
  • An increase of approximately $0.6 million resulting from normal program fluctuation; and
  • A decrease of $2.0 million under the Loan Investment Program.


Departmental Spending Trend Graph

Departmental Spending Trend Graph
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The figures presented in the above chart reflect the impact that sunset funding has had on the department's overall spending, representing approximately 14 percent and 13 percent in spending in 2013–14 and 2012–13.  The majority of sunset funding represents initiatives under EAP.  Planned spending stays consistent in future years as planned savings measures announced in Budget 2012 are realized.

In addition, the figures presented in the above chart do not include funds spent through Other Government Department suspense accounts on behalf of other departments. For example, in fiscal year 2013–14, WD expended approximately $49.9 million on behalf of Infrastructure Canada under the Building Canada Fund, Municipal Rural Infrastructure Fund and the Canada Strategic Infrastructure Fund.


Estimates by Vote

For information on WD's organizational Votes and statutory expenditures, consult the Public Accounts of Canada 2014 on the Public Works and Government Services Canada website.[16]