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The Privacy Act extends the present laws of Canada that protect the privacy of individuals and provide individuals with a right of access to personal information about themselves. It also protects the privacy of individuals by denying third parties access to personal information relating to them and enabling them to exercise strict control over the collection, disclosure and use of such information. Necessary exceptions should be limited and specific.

A department of the Government of Canada, Western Economic Diversification Canada (WD) was established in 1987 under the provisions of the Western Economic Diversification Act, and mandated to promote the development and diversification of the economy of Western Canada and to advance the interests of the West in national economic policy, program and project development and implem entation. This broad mandate allows the department to implement tailored programs and initiatives to assist western Canadians to create strong, competitive and innovative businesses and communities.

WD is committed to both the spirit and the intent of the Privacy Act (hereinafter referred to as the “Act”), which is based on the principles of open government, and to ensuring the privacy of individuals with respect to their personal information held by the department.

This report describes how the department administered the Act during fiscal year 2013-2014, and fulfills the requirements under Section 72 that every government institution must prepare an annual report on the administration of this Act each fiscal year and ensure it is tabled in the House of Commons and the Senate.

WD will publish its Annual Report to Parliament on its public website (www.wd-deo.gc.ca) once it has been tabled in the House of Commons and Senate.