Western Economic Diversification Canada
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Supplementary Table 3

Up-Front Multi-Year Funding

Strategic Outcome:   A growing and diversified western Canadian economy

Program and Sub-Program:  Community Economic Growth and Community Development

Name of Recipient:   Primrose Lake Economic Development Corporation (PLEDCo)

Start Date:   March 30, 2007

End Date:   Not applicable

Description:   Create a community-controlled trust fund for economic diversification

Up-Front Multi-Year Funding (millions)

Total Funding Prior Years' Funding Planned Funding
Planned Funding
Planned Funding
15 15 - - -

12. Summary of Annual Plans of Recipient:

PLEDCo will use the interest earned from the trust fund to support economic development initiatives, infrastructure projects, scholarships and operating costs. 

In 2014–15, PLEDCo will work towards its objective of strengthening the local economy, including:

  • Continuing to support economic development initiatives in affected communities;
  • Focusing on large projects leading to long term economic prosperity for the region; and
  • Identifying additional regional partners to help improve local economies in communities.

13. Link Recipient's Website:http://www.pledco.ca/