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Trends and Statistical Overview

Highlights, Challenges and Trends

  • Due to Western Economic Diversification Canada’s (WD) historically small caseload pertaining to requests for access to personal information, multi-year trends are not identified.
  • WD recognized Data Privacy Day on January 28, 2013. staff messages and two posters, entitled Reaching for the Cloud (cloud computing) and Cookies...following the crumbs, were placed throughout all WD offices.
  • WD continues to share it policy, procedures, best practices and staff awareness materials with other regional development agencies.

Statistical Overview

The following information provides additional context where appropriate to the statistical details found in Annex B – "Statistical Report on the Privacy Act".

A.   Personal Information Requests Received Pursuant to the Privacy Act

WD did not receive any requests for access to personal information under to the Privacy Act in 2012–2013. The department does not historically receive many requests for personal information. As a result, no exemptions or exclusions were applied.

B.   Permissible Disclosure of Personal Information

Personal information collected by WD in the course of its programs and activities is being disclosed only for the purpose for which it was collected, in accordance with paragraph 8(2)(a) of the Privacy Act.

WD did not disclose personal information for any other purposes as outlined in paragraph 8(2)(m) during the 2012–2013 reporting period.

C.   Complaints and Investigations

WD received no complaints pursuant to the Privacy Act in 2012–2013, and there were no appeals or applications submitted to the Federal Court.

D.   Privacy Impact Assessments

WD did not complete any PIAs in 2012–2013 and, therefore, no assessments were forwarded to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner or PIA summaries posted on WD’s public web site.

E.   Operational Costs Associated with Administering the Act

WD’s cost for administrating the Privacy Act in the ATIP Unit is estimated as follows:

  • ATIP Unit salary costs, including a portion of the ATIP Coordinator’s and Deputy ATIP Coordinator’s salaries, and 15 percent of the ATIP Officer’s salary (a total of .19 FTE/year); and
  • goods and services, including professional services contracts.
ATIP Unit Salaries $14,547
Goods and Services $713
Total ATIP Unit Costs $15,260

The salary costs are a best estimate of the time spent providing general advice and guidance to staff on privacy issues, as well as ongoing advice for a Privacy Impact Assessment under development.