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Minister of State's Message

The Honourable Michelle Rempel, P.C., M.P., Minister of State (Western Economic Diversification)
As Minister of State for Western Economic Diversification, I am pleased to share with you the 2012–13 Departmental Performance Report.

For over 25 years, WD has been diligently working to deliver on its goal and mandate to provide long term economic competitiveness to the West and improve the quality of life of its citizens by accelerating innovation, helping businesses succeed and building stronger communities.

This past year has seen WD deliver our Government’s Community Infrastructure Improvement Fund (CIIF), which has facilitated investments in communities across Western Canada. Through CIIF, we have contributed to much-needed upgrades that have helped to grow the local economy, created jobs, and left a legacy of lasting infrastructure.

I am proud to say that, in addition to strengthening communities, WD has continued to drive economic growth and prosperity through the delivery of our core programs. In the 2012–13 year, the Department worked diligently to support western Canadian industry by making strategic investments, including:

  • Investments that support innovation and facilitate the commercialization of new technology in emerging sectors in the West;
  • The continued promotion awareness of Western Canada to potential investors and working to facilitate connections between western businesses and international industry; and
  • Investing in improvements to business productivity to create jobs and growth.

WD’s strategic investments have been coupled with efforts to expand opportunities for private enterprises in the West. This includes WD organizing and leading eight supplier development tours to connect western Canadian businesses with prime contractors of federal defence procurement. The department also highlighted the West’s capabilities at 12 aerospace and defence trade shows, and by hosting the Western Canadian Shipbuilding Summit, which brought together more than 600 stakeholders under the National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy.

Moving forward, we remain committed to expanding opportunities to ensure our region’s continued economic growth and prosperity.  Together, we are showing the world that Canada’s West Means Business.