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Graphic #1: Pre-Commercialization Funding Gap

The technology commercialization continuum diagram is divided into five stages and indicates funding intensity levels.

From left to right on the diagram:

  1. The first stage is Fundamental research.
    The funding trend shown at this stage illustrates the availability of funding for fundamental research activity.
  2. The second stage is Applied research.
    The funding trend shown at this stage illustrates continued availability of funding for applied research activity.
  3. The third stage is Technology development & demonstration.
    A gap is exposed at this stage where there is a sharp decline in the intensity of funding. This funding gap has been termed the pre-commercialization funding gap.
  4. The fourth stage is Product commercialization & market development.
    At this stage the intensity of funding increases back to the level in the applied research stage. Late in this stage there is a small decline in funding intensity which has been termed the pre-IPO gap, representing a decline in funding available to companies that are preparing to offer stock in their companies through stock exchanges.
  5. The fifth and final stage is Market entry & market volume.
    The level of funding intensity continues in this stage.

Overlaying the technology development & demonstration, product commercialization & market development and market entry & market volume stages is the Western Innovation Program “WINN”. It is at these three stages where the WINN program intends to address the pre-commercialization funding gap and assist companies in commercializing innovative products, processes and/or services.

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