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Intake and Assessment Process

6. Application Process

The WINN program will be delivered through a two stage "Call for Proposals" (CFP) process where applicants will have 30 days from the commencement of the CFP, to submit an application. Dates for these application periods will be posted on WD's website. You may only submit an application once the intake period opens. No applications will be accepted outside the intake period. Saved applications that have not been submitted prior to the deadline will not be accessible and cannot be submitted. All applications will be evaluated on their ability to achieve the objectives ofWINN (see section 3 of these guidelines) and on their relative strengths in the following areas:

  • Market potential.
  • Management capability.
  • Technology readiness.
  • Financial capacity.

6.1 Review process

Stage One: Eligibility & Pre-Screening

The Expression of Interest (part one of the application) will be used to assess eligibility based on the mandatory WINN criteria. Eligible applicants whose applications are supported by project and business information, and evidence of confirmation of other funding sources will be included in the competitive pre-screening process. They will be evaluated against other proposals received during the intake. The strongest proposals, based on an evaluation against the assessment criteria, will be invited to complete Part Two of the WINN application form and advance to Stage Two of the assessment process.

WD will notify applicants if they will be advancing to Stage 2 approximately 4 weeks after the application deadline. Application volumes may impact all timelines.

Stage Two: Detailed Assessment

Applicants that have been invited to Stage Two, will be assessed based on information provided as part of the Expression of Interest and the information provided in Part 2 of the application. Invited applicants will have 15 business days to complete Part Two. Part Two applications submitted after the deadline will not be accepted. As the assessment proceeds, WD may request additional information and supporting documentation from applicants. This would be required within established deadlines. Invitation to Stage Two does not constitute an offer of funding.

WD will engage the technical services of the National Research Council's Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP) to conduct the technical assessment of proposals. IRAP will use its network of Industrial Technology Advisors for this purpose. Sustainable Development Technologies Canada (SDTC) will also be consulted regarding projects related to clean technology. WD reserves the right to seek other professional and technical advice as required.

7. Intellectual Property

Applicants must demonstrate that they have sufficient intellectual property (IP) rights and appropriate protection for technology that has been developed prior to the beginning of the project that will be required to carry out the project and to commercially exploit its results. This includes, but is not limited to ensuring that sufficient provisions have been made in any agreements with employees, contractors, collaborators (partners), etc. Proof of IP ownership and/or rights to access IP may be requested by WD in the assessment process.

The title to any new IP rights arising from the activities of the project must remain with the Recipient:

  • The Recipient shall not dispose of, or relinquish control over, any asset utilized in the Project, including IP developed or acquired as a result of carrying out the Project, during the term of the Agreement, without the prior written consent of the Minister; and
  • The consent of the Minister is not required when the transfer of ownership or relinquishment of control over IP is needed to commercialize the process, product, and/or technology, as identified as part of the funded project.

8. Confidentiality

All proprietary data, commercially sensitive information and potentially valuable results or ideas will be protected from unauthorized, inadvertent or untimely disclosure. Information provided by applicants in the application and in all supporting documentation is collected under the authority of the Western Economic Diversification Act. This information will be treated in accordance with that Act and with the Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act.

These laws govern, protect and limit the collection, use and disclosure of personal and confidential information by federal government departments and agencies. Confidential commercial information will not be shared without the applicant's consent.

For all projects that are invited to Stage Two Detailed Assessment, information will be shared with Industrial Technology Advisors from the National Research Council's Industrial Research Assistance Program, who will be assisting in the technical assessment of projects. In some cases, WD may seek to confer with other external experts (e.g. scientific, technical, financial, marketing, commercialization) to assist with project review/evaluation. This may include credit agencies. By submitting an application, the applicant affirms that they acknowledge and consent to the sharing of information for this purpose. Before an application is released to an expert for project review/evaluation, the expert will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement and a conflict of interest agreement with WD.

9. Official Languages

WD is committed to providing quality service to all applicants and funding recipients in the official language of their choice. In support of building a society that is respectful of Canada's linguistic duality, in cases where WINN projects benefit members of both official language communities:

  • The project's design and delivery will respect the obligations of the Government of Canada as set out in Part VII of the Official Languages Act through consultation with the Official Language Minority Community.
  • Where appropriate, equitable services and benefits will be made available in both official languages either directly through the funded activities or through an alternative arrangement, in compliance with the Official Languages Act.

10. Environmental Assessment Compliance

Projects involving physical works may be subject to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act. Recipients of WINN funding will be responsible for obtaining all certificates, consents, permits and approvals required for compliance with applicable legislation and for complying with the requirements of such legislation. Should an environmental assessment be required, it will be necessary to plan several months before the WD Project Start Date to allow sufficient time for the completion of the assessment.

11. Reporting Requirements

All contribution agreements issued under the Initiative will include performance indicators to measure the individual project performance and the WINN program effectiveness relative to objectives. Recipients will be required to submit, along with funding claims, regular progress reports and financial statements to WDthroughout the project, from implementation through to the repayment period.

12. Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (link 1) (FAQ) page for more information.

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13. Glossary

Below is a short glossary of terms used in this guide:

Term Description
Assessment Thorough review and analysis of all aspects of an application prior to entering into a contribution agreement. This includes scoping of the project to meet program and departmental objectives, as well as Government of Canada guidelines for funding contributions.
Commercialization For the purposes of WINNcommercialization is the process of introducing a new product, process, or service into the market place and is achieved when commercial level sales and/or production are realized.
Full-Time Equivalent The number of full-time employees working for the organization.
Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP) Canada's Highly Qualified personnel (HQP) are defined as individuals with university degrees at the bachelor's level and above.
Government assistance Funding from any level of government (Federal, Provincial or Municipal). Also includes funding from any organization that does not make investment decisions independent from government or on a commercial basis.
Incremental Activities and expenditures that are additional to the proponent's current operations or activities.
In-Kind Contributions Contributions toward project costs that do not involve a cost incurred or paid for by the recipient.
Project The group of activities and actions, which are cost-shared, that occurs in the period between the WD Project Start Date and the Project End Date.
Project End Date The date it is anticipated that project activity will cease. This does not include the repayment period.
Repayable Contribution A repayable contribution is a contribution that will be repaid to WD according to repayment conditions specified in the contribution agreement.
WD Project Start Date This is the date that an agreement between a recipient and WD comes into effect. Any costs incurred prior to this date are not eligible for reimbursement under the terms of the agreement. It can be thought of as the start date for the project as defined by the WINN contribution agreement. WD anticipates project decisions will be made approximately 6 months after the close of the application period.