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Supplementary Table 6: Upcoming Internal Audits and Evaluations over the next three fiscal years

A. All upcoming Internal Audits over the next three fiscal years

A Service Level Agreement has been established between the Internal Audit Sector of the Office of the Comptroller General of Canada (OCG) and the federal regional development agencies (RDAs), including WD. This agreement became effective April 1, 2012, and details the provision of internal audit services by the OCG to the RDAs.

As a result of this agreement, in 2012 a RDA Risk-Based Audit Plan (RBAP) was developed for audits to be conducted in the 2012–13 fiscal year. In this plan, WD is included in the Audit of Monitoring and Reporting of Select Grants and Contributions Programs.

In 2013–14, the OCG will develop a RDA RBAP to identify audit priorities for the upcoming three fiscal years.

As they become available, all completed audit reports are accessible through WD’s website.

B. All upcoming Evaluations over the next three fiscal years

Name of Evaluation Program Activity Status Expected
Completion Date
Evaluation of Community Futures Program
  • Business Development and Innovation
  • Community Economic Growth
Planned March 2014
Evaluation of Business Productivity and Growth
  • Business Development and Innovation
Planned March 2015
Evaluation of Policy, Advocacy and Coordination functions
  • Policy, Advocacy and Coordination
Planned March 2016

Electronic link to Evaluation Plan :http://www.wd.gc.ca/images/cont/13811a-eng.pdf