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Annex C: Official Languages Related Reporting Requirements

Plan Frequency Audience Purpose
Report on Plans and Priorities Annual Parliament Describes departmental priorities and strategic outcomes, expected results and the associated resource requirements covering a three-year period
Corporate Business Plan Annual Public and WD employees Integrated overview of the department's strategic outcomes, priorities and expected performance objectives
Action Plan for Implementation of Section 41 of the Official Languages Act (OLA) Annual Commissioner of Official Languages, Heritage Canada and all WD employees Federal institutions subject to the Accountability Framework for the Implementation of Sections 41 and 42 of the OLA are required to submit an annual or multi-year action plan
Regional Business Plans (British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba) Annual WD employees Overview of region's planned strategies and actions for program activities and areas of management
Finance and Corporate Management (F&CM) Business Plan Annual Finance and Corporate Management Overview of the F&CM planned strategies and actions for financial and corporate activities and areas of management
PSD Business Plan Annual WD employees Outline PSD priorities, ongoing responsibilities, planned activities, key deliverables and strategy for measuring success
Public Service Renewal Action Plan Annual WD management & staff
Clerk of the Privy Council Office
Contributes to the Clerk’s annual report on PS Renewal and guides WD management and staff in furthering renewal in the workplace
Learning Strategy & Priorities Plan   All WD employees Sets direction for corporate learning for upcoming fiscal year
Departmental Performance Report Annual Parliament Outlines WD's achievements against the performance expectations and commitments as set out in WD's Report on Plans and Priorities
Review on Official Languages Annual Treasury Board, Canadian Heritage and Parliament Reports on the results of WD's Strategy and Action Plan and contributes to Treasury Board’s Annual Report on OL
HR Dashboard Report Biannual WD Executive Committee Reports on trends, issues, areas for attention
Annual Report on the Operation of the Canadian Multiculturalism Act Annual Public Service The Canadian Multiculturalism Act requires all federal departments, agencies and Crown corporations to implement the multiculturalism policy and to report annually on their activities. Citizenship and Immigration Canada is responsible for producing the Annual Report on the Operation of the Canadian Multiculturalism Act.
Report on the Application of the Public Service Official Languages Exclusion Approval Order Annual Public Service Commission Gathers information on the application of the Public Service Official Languages Exclusion Approval Order for the purpose of monitoring organizations subject to the Public Service Employment Act.