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Annex A: Official Languages Action Plan – Logic Model

Text Description: Official Languages Action Plan – Logic Model

Canadians enjoy the benefits of linguistic duality; live and work in communities that reflect Canadian values with respect to the use of English and French, and have access to government services in the language of choice.

(Government wide ultimate result per Roadmap 2008-2013)
Diversified western Canadian economy that has strong, competitive & innovative communities and businesses
(WD Vision= WD’s Ultimate Result)
ULTIMATE OUTCOMES for WD OL efforts Policies and programs that support OLMCs in Western Canada Sustainable OLMCs Diversified competitive, innovative, strong economies in OLMCs of Western Canada
INTERMEDIATE OUTCOMES for WD OL efforts Increased access to services in French in Western Canada

(OLA Part IV)
Increased capacity and visibility for OLMCs in Western Canada

(OLA Part V, VI, VII)
Strengthened OLMC economic capacity

(OLA Part VII)
IMMEDIATE OUTCOMES for WD OL efforts Full integration of the OLMC perspective and OLA section 41 into WD’s policies, programs and services

Increased capacity within WD to support management excellence in OL.
Increased awareness of WD staff and managers about their responsibilities regarding both OLA implementation and the OLMCs.

Increased awareness of OLMCs about WD activities, programs and policies to promote bilingual character of Canada and support for the development of Western Canada OLMCs.
Improved access to capital

Enhanced leverage of funds and resources

Increased awareness of and access to programs and services for business and CED.

Development of business, management, planning, and personal skills Enhanced understanding of the economic issues of OLMCs.
OUTPUTS from WD OL efforts Support WD provision of services in both official languages

(OLA Part IV)
Support management to foster a work environment that encourages the use of both official languages

(OLA Part V & VI)
Support and facilitate the Economic development of western OLMCs

(OLA Part VII)
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ACTIVITIES Awareness Consultations Communications Coordination and Liaison Funding and Program Delivery Accountability
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INPUTS Government of Canada resources Departmental resources OLMCs and FEDOs resources

Note: A detailed listing of activities is provided at Annex B.