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Within WD

Part IV   Communications with and Services to the Public

Part V   Language of Work

Part VI   Participation of English-Speaking and French-Speaking Canadians

Part VII   Advancement of English and French

Within WD, the Official Languages (OL) Champion’s (the Champion) role is to enhance the visibility of the OL program within the Department.  Although at the heart of OL issues within the department, the Champion does not replace the manager and shall not constitute another management level.  The Champion is supported in this regard by a National OL Coordinator and representatives from each of WD regions and directorates (A full listing of WD OL contacts is provided at Annex D).

Due to their mandate, certain corporate units play a strategic support role to the department and have specific responsibilities in the area of official languages as follows:  Corporate Communications with respect to Parts IV, V, VI and VII; Finance and Corporate Management (specifically Human Resources) for Parts IV, V, VI; and Policy and Strategic Direction (PSD) with regard to Parts IV and VII.

Under the OL ADM Champion lead, PSD has the key responsibility to define WD ’s position and policies with regard to Part VII in consultation with both the other directorates and the regions. Regional assistant deputy ministers, directors general, directors and managers also have specific responsibilities in the area of official languages.