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The following recommendations have been made based on the findings from all lines of evidence utilised in the evaluation.

Recommendation 1: The department should determine the extent and focus of any future renewal of the Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Program.

  • While there exists a need for programs that target entrepreneurs with disabilities in western Canada, evidence from the evaluation suggest that there an ongoing need for business services and a declining need for loan services.
  • Any renewal of the EDP should consider whether the current fragmented service delivery network is still appropriate.

Recommendation 2: If the department plans to renew the Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Program, then the department should develop clear quantitative performance indicators for the program.

The improvements should ensure:

  • Measurement of the non-loan, service support components of the program;
  • A clear link between performance indicators and current departmental Program Activity Architecture outcomes (results);
  • The use of the same indicators across all service delivery agents;
  • That separate EDP performance data is collected and entered into the departmental database; and
  • Consistent definitions of indicators across regions.