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Management Response and Action Plan (March 2011)

Recommendation Action Plan Responsibility Expected Completion Date

The Alberta Region should enhance its performance reporting framework by:

  • tracking and reporting on results against outcome targets, and
  • documenting the reasons for any significant variances and actions planned to address the gaps.

Tracking and Reporting on Results against Outcome Targets:

  • The Region included Performance Measurement Framework (PMF) outcome targets/results within its 2010-11 Q3 report.

Documenting Reasons for Significant Variances and Actions to Address Gaps:

  • The Alberta Region will consider means to document discussions concerning the reasons for the targets/results gaps and specific planned actions alongside identifying high level actions to address targets/results gaps within the Region’s mid-year, Q3 and year end reports.

Director Alberta Region PPX

Completed December 2010

May 2011