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Overall, the Alberta Region has a sound governance framework that provides effective decision making, strong leadership and oversight. Except for the opportunities for improvement identified in this report, the Alberta Region has good and effective management controls and practices. Processes exist in planning, budgeting, forecasting and results and performance reporting, coding and delegation of authorities.

Audit criteria were used to assess the identified key risks, management control framework and practices. The following is a summary of results.

Assessed Area Result
Governance structure and strategic directions Criteria met
Planning, budgeting, forecasting and reporting Criteria met
Results and performance reporting Criteria partially met
Transaction processing and coding Criteria mostly met
Delegation of authorities Criteria met

Audit Approach


Audit planning started in June 2010 and fieldwork was completed in December 2010. Pre-engagement meetings and preliminary survey were conducted to facilitate identification of key risks, audit criteria, control elements and audit strategies. Departmental employees were involved as necessary throughout the audit process.

Standards and Methodology

Government of Canada internal auditing standards were used throughout the planning, conducting and reporting phases of the audit. The audit was evidence-based in order to ensure the audit assurance is fully supported. All available evidence has been examined and analyzed against the audit criteria in order to recap the results. Sources of evidence included: interviews and document reviews at the region, review and analysis of policies, background literature and management practices, review of previous audits or reviews by other assurance providers, analytical reviews, elaboration on cause and effect of conditions, and follow-up on previous internal audits.


As part of the audit evidence, the auditors judgementally selected 25 representative sample payments (20 grants and contribution transactions and 5 operating expenditures) processed by the region in 2009-2010. The sample payments were selected to provide appropriate audit coverage of grants and contribution programs and various types of transactions. The sample selected also took into consideration identified key risks, dollar amounts and program activities. A risk based sample methodology was used to determine the appropriate sample size. The sample selected represented 25% of the grants and contributions dollars in the population for the audit period, and 3.5% of the operating expenditure dollars for the audit period. The auditors conclude that the sampling methodology and the sample size are adequate upon which to form conclusions.

Audit Team

Donald MacDonald      Chief Audit Executive
Kathy Locke              Audit Manager
Wilfredo Dimailig         Internal Auditor
Christine Kasianiuk      Internal Auditor