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Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) Summaries

The Government of Canada is committed to privacy and the protection of personal information used in the course of providing programs and services to the public.

The Government of Canada's Directive on Privacy Impact Assessment is one of several tools designed to meet this commitment. This directive ensures, through the conduct of PIAs, that WD undertakes sound management and decision-making, as well as careful consideration of privacy risks, with respect to the creation, collection and handling of personal information as part of its programs or activities.

Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs) ensure that all privacy issues have been identified and resolved or mitigated. The Government of Canada then seeks advice and notifies the Privacy Commissioner and informs the public that privacy issues have been addressed.

The directive also requires WD to post summaries of all approved Privacy Impact Assessments on its website.

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Western Economic Diversification Canada’s Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP) Unit is a part of the Finance and Corporate Management Secretariat, and is the focal point for the application of the Access to Information Act and Privacy Act.

The unit is responsible for policy matters related to the implementation of both Acts, and it deals directly with the public in connection with access and personal information requests.  It also serves as the centre for ATIP expertise in enabling the Department to meet its statutory obligations under the Acts.

Inquiries concerning the processing of a specific Access to Information or Privacy Request should be directed to the officer handling your request. This contact information will be available on the letter you receive from this office acknowledging receipt of your request. Please quote the file reference number assigned to your request in all correspondence.

ATIP Contacts:

Cathy McLean
ATIP Coordinator
Telephone: (780) 495-4301

Kevin Johnson
Deputy ATIP Coordinator
Telephone:  (780) 495-6057

Barb Steele
ATIP Officer
Telephone:  (780) 495-4982