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Policy, Advocacy and Coordination

What is Policy, Advocacy and Coordination?

The Policy, Advocacy and Coordination function includes a complementary set of activities that aim to identify and respond to issues, challenges, opportunities and priorities that are relevant to Western Canada. Activities in this area consist of formulating evidence-based advice on policy and program direction; actively intervening to ensure key interests are represented; and, organizing activities that enable stakeholders to effectively work together.

What is the WD connection?

Western Economic Diversification Canada (WD) undertakes policy, advocacy, and coordination activities in order to advance the interests of the West in national economic policy, program, and project development and implementation. WD’s efforts in this area are aligned with the Government of Canada’s policy priorities, and the department engages with key federal partners in order to contribute western perspectives to national policy development.

Research and Analysis

  • WD conducts and funds targeted research that provides the department, key federal partners, and western stakeholders with an improved understanding of Western Canada's economic challenges and opportunities.
  • The department also analyzes this research and other available data to inform departmental programming and enable effective policy engagement with other federal departments.


  • WD builds relationships with key federal partners and western stakeholders in order to bring western perspectives and priorities to discussions regarding the Government of Canada's priority areas and key policy files.
  • The department also facilitates western Canadian business participation in defence procurement contracts as part of the Industrial and Regional Benefits Policy.

Collaboration and Coordination

  • WD works closely with other federal departments, other orders of government (i.e., provinces and municipalities), industry, not-for-profit organizations and communities to organize events and activities that serve economic development priorities in the West.
  • The department also champions new federal initiatives and projects that benefit Western Canada, and promotes coordination in areas of federal or shared federal-provincial jurisdiction.

These activities enable WD to analyze emerging issues, ensure national policies and programs remain relevant for Western Canada, and improve coordination of priorities to enhance WD’s advocacy efforts.