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What We Offer

Whether you are a student, a recent post-secondary grad, a seasoned professional looking to make a career change or a current government employee, we invite you to check out what we have to offer. There is a wide range of possibilities available to create an exciting career with WD - after all, we encourage diversity, growth and challenge!

Federal Public Service Benefits

There are many benefits to a career with the federal public service. The Public Service Commission of Canada website is devoted to providing in-depth information for the career-minded professional. Here is just an overview of these benefits with links for more information.

Working for the Federal Government

Do you need information on rates of pay for federal public service jobs? Do you want to learn about benefit plans? Check out: Working for the federal public service.

Employer of Choice

Find out why the public service should be high on your list of potential employers! Check OutEmployer of choice.

The public service has a compensation package with benefits that will appeal to you at all the various stages of your life and career. Check OutWhat you'll get.

For Students

Federal Student Work Experience Program (FSWEP)

Are you a full-time secondary or post-secondary student? Do you want to gain valuable work experience related to your field of study with a number of federal government departments and agencies? Check out: FSWEP.

Post-Secondary Co-op/Internship Program

Did you know that the federal public service of Canada is the nation's largest single employer of students enrolled in post-secondary Co-op/Internship Programs? In partnership with participating academic institutions, the public service plays an important role in providing post-secondary students with the relevant and practical work experience to fulfil the requirements of your academic program. Check out: Post Secondary Recruitment.

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For Recent Grads

Student Bridging Mechanisms

Have you worked for the federal public service under FSWEP, RAP, or Co-op/Internship programs? Have you completed your degree or diploma? Then you may have the opportunity to be "bridged" into a contract or permanent position with the public service. Check outStudent Bridging.

Federal Public Sector Youth Internship Program (FSWEP)

This program places interns in host federal government organizations to enable unemployed or under-employed young Canadians between the ages of 15 and 30 to acquire the experience and skills they need to enter and fully participate in the labour market. Check out: FSWEP.

Post-Secondary Recruitment (PSR)

The Post-Secondary Recruitment Program seeks post-secondary graduates who have the qualifications needed to fill entry-level positions in federal government organizations. Check out: Post-Secondary Recruitment.

Recruitment of Policy Leaders (RPL) Program

Do you have a Doctorate, Masters or Law degree and a record of academic excellence or distinction? The Recruitment of Policy Leaders program looks to invite exceptional graduates into the public service of Canada to recruit policy analysts for higher levels of responsibility. Check out: Recruitment of Policy Leaders Program.  

Financial Officer / Internal Auditor Recruitment and Development Program (FORD/IARD)

The FORD/IARD program recruits and develops university graduates from across Canada interested in pursuing a career in finance or internal auditing in the federal public service. Check out: FORD/IARD Program.

Accelerated Economist Training Program (AETP)

Geared towards students in economics or public policy, the AETP offers high-calibre Master's degree candidates in any discipline the opportunity to work alongside Canada's top decision-makers on a number of social, economic and international policy agendas. Check out: Accelerated Economist Training Program.

Management Trainee Program (MTP)

This three-year training and development program is geared toward highly motivated individuals who have the potential to excel as future leaders in the federal public service. Check out: Management Trainee Program.

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For Current Federal Public Service Employees

IM and IT Management Development Program (MDP)

The IM and IT Management Development Program  is an accelerated 3-year development program that identifies high-performing IM and IT professionals who demonstrate management potential.  Check out: IM and IT Management Development Program.

Career Assignment Program (CAP)

The Career Assignment Program is a 3-year federal public service leadership development program that recruits individuals from within the public service who have demonstrated executive potential. Check out: Career Assignment Program.

Accelerated Executive Development Program (AEXDP)

The objectives of AEXDP are to identify a representative group of executives at the EX-1 to EX-3 level who demonstrate strong leadership potential, and to invest in their development and progression. Check out: AEXDP.

Jobs Open to Public Service Employees

The Public Service Commission of Canada website is devoted to providing in-depth information for the career-minded professional. Check out: Careers in the federal public service.

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For Experienced Professionals and Government Employees

Interchange Canada

Interchange Canada promotes employee assignments between the federal public service and organizations in other sectors both within Canada and internationally. By taking assignments in a new sector, employees develop personally and professionally while their organizations benefit from new skills, knowledge and approaches. Check out: Interchange Canada.